Posture Issue 02

Posture’s second print issue is focused on the theme of Ornamentation, and was inspired by early 20th century Austrian architect Adolf Loof whose writing condemned ornamentation in design and architecture. Through visual and written editorial, the issue explores the queer/ trans/ non-binary community’s aversion to homogeneity and usage of not just physical ornamentation but also the broader concept of self ownership.

Issue Two features: Rashaad Newsome / M. Sharkey / Anna Bloda / Chris Callaway / Xeno / Ariele Max / Seth Caplan / Asher Torres / BCALLA / Chromat / MaryMe-JimmyPaul / Gypsy Sport / Whatever 21 / GODDESS / Lorna Simpson / Elizabeth Diller / Raisa Kabir / Vincent Tiley / Zach Blas

Design: Serena Wagner